Horsebox Refurbishment

DSC08150 2 175The following photographs are just an example of some of the types of refurb jobs that we get in. These images show the extent of the water damage in a typical GRP sided horsebox.

The vehicle in question was a Leyland DAF, typical GRP box, with normal roof construction. (i.e. Fibre glass) Aluminium shaped top rails, non tilt domed luton with normal aluminium windows. Fully skirted to include tack lockers, water tanks etc.

The vehicle came to us regarding a water leak showing staining on the internal wall carpets and bubbling of the floor covering. Upon investigation, we realised that the leak had started from where the luton joins the body of the vehicle.

DSC07925 375

These photographs show what damage water can do to GRP if water enters GRP through either a badly fitted window or door.

DSC07926 375

If damage to the internal or external surface occurs, then the water entering the GRP through the external or internal face soaks into the ply structure and causes rotting from the inside-out.

DSC07912 375

These photographs show the total removal of the whole side of the horsebox and replacing with one full sheet of GRP. This generally done by removing everything off the said wall on the inside, and the windows being taken out.

DSC07914 375

Removal of the wall is a complex job to carry out effectively as you can appreciate.

DSC07927 375

These photographs show the other side to the vehicle, with the same principles as before. However this also shows the prep work involved with the CAB.

DSC07931 375

One of the things we like about these photographs is it shows a totally different view of your horsebox, that unless you had it built you would have never seen.

DSC07932 375

With the side fully exposed we make the final preparations and get ready to slide in to place the GRP sheet that will form the new side wall of the box.

DSC07935 2 375

It sounds straight forward and easy - but can be difficult and time consuming to complete.

DSC08150 2 375

After all the remedial work, this is what was achieved with a two-tone respray. The horsebox is still going strong, and the customer was extremely pleased with the result.

DSC08151 2 375

This has brought us a large amount of refurb work and it is for all these reasons that we do it. For any information please use our Contact Page, or just pop your horse box down to have a friendly chat and a cuppa.




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