Wooden Oakley

IMG 0359-375aWe would like to show you a horse box that we have been looking after for 14 years. The box itself is constructed of oak and mahogany, and the original when built was on a Bedford TK. We moved the box onto a Ford around 8 years ago.

Since then the box has come back to us at regular intervals to totally rub down by hand, and re-varnish again by hand (we don’t believe in spraying varnish because it will peel off).

All the white decal lines are painted by hand, (painstakingly) but enjoyable, this is then over-varnished to give a slightly gold appearance on the lines. Let the varnish do its job.

This time when it came in the new customer, (yes it has now been sold) and gone to a new home, on the Yorkshire moors. It now carries a very nice Clydesdale called Ernie hence the new name on the front.

IMG 0284-375

IMG 0285-375

IMG 0286-375

IMG 0287-375

IMG 0297 375

IMG 0300 375a

The rear ramp was rebuilt by us 6 years ago, using the original size tongue and groove boards. (remade by a local firm in Oxfordshire) again out of mahogany, again white décor painted by hand. (you get the idea).

IMG 0301 375a

IMG 0298-375

IMG 0298-375

This last photo shows where we applied a first wash coat of varnish left alone for 8 hours to see how it would indeed pull in to the open timber.

IMG 0353 375a

IMG 0354 375

IMG 0355 375

And this is what the finished article looks like after 8 hand coats of varnish - not 5, 6 or 7 coats… it has to be 8 coats. This we found brings out all the natural grain, dark / light swirls, however you like to look at wood and the joys that it brings.

IMG 0356-375

IMG 0357-375a

IMG 0360-375a

And after a great deal of deliberation with the seventy different shades available of brown the respray of the cab looks superb. We think that you will agree it was a very good choice by the customer, highlighting all the different colours that coordinate very well with each other.


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